C.W. Walker Construction, LLC

C.W. Walker Construction, LLC was established to build industrial and commercial properties for clients in our own development projects as well as building speculative buildings for sale and lease. We use a systems approach to design and construction. We have the flexibility to manage your building or remodeling project regardless of the size. C.W. Walker Construction, LLC has worked with many local engineers, architects and the finest sub-contractors around.

Using C.W. Walker & Associates, LLC as Owner’s Representative means that your project will be completed in accordance with your plans, but without the interruptions, contract battles, change order questions, and coordination problems that accompany any construction project. We can help in all phases of your project, beginning from the selection of an architect and contractor, and continuing on through the final punch list and occupancy. C.W. Walker & Associates, LLC will provide:

•   Project oversight to help prevent critical components from being missed
•   Oversee scheduling
•   Schedule and coordinate project meetings
•   Act as facilitator between architect, engineer, contractor, interior designer
•   Facilitate change order process
•   Review budgets and requests for payment
•   Record project communications and keep communication logs
•   Oversee final punch list with architect

Project Development

This is a good time for you and your business. You are growing, adding staff and services, your customers are happy, and your hard work is paying off.

It’s a tough time for you and your employees. You have outgrown your current space, your lease is coming due, and you are not sure if you should stay in your current space, remodel or move. You would like to own your own facility, or put on an addition to your building. But, REALISTICALLY, do you have the time to operate your expanding business and do a construction project, and move, at the same time? C.W. Walker & Associates, LLC works directly with business owners and investors to represent their interests, and provide the path for your business facility growth. The role is to work directly with the business owner to manage all aspects of a facility project from development through construction to occupancy. C.W. Walker & Associates, LLC will be the single source link to the owner for architects, general contractors, permit and regulatory bodies, and all of the construction team necessary to make a project happen.

The learning curve to coordinate a facility project is fairly steep, and the time it takes to stay on top of one of these projects can easily overwhelm an already busy owner. Questions, calls, change requests, the need for timely decisions and constant communication are all part of the daily routine during construction. These, and a variety of other activities, will be handled by C.W. Walker & Associates, LLC. The range of services will vary, depending on the project size, and needs of the owner.

  • Site Selection Phase

    •   Comparative solutions to space problems
    •   Site alternative analysis
    •   Site acquisition (purchase, lease options, build-to-suit)

  • Pre-Development Phase

    •   Financial feasibility analysis
    •   Architect/designer selection assistant
    •   Bidding criteria, bid list, negotiations strategies, and contract awards
    •   Establishment of project team and reporting relationships

  • Design Phase

    •   Establish reporting and accounting procedures
    •   Budget estimates and project schedules
    •   Facilitate preliminary governmental review and compliance issues
    •   Establish change order and draw process
    •   Evaluate existing facility for use and/or alternatives to continue business           operations

  • Construction Phase

    •   Project coordination, communication and design review
    •   On-site field observation and construction update
    •   Approval of change orders and applications for payment
    •   Budget control and reporting
    •   Schedule monitoring and adjustment
    •   Plan development for move-in process

  • Post Construction Phase

    •   Deficiency follow-up
    •   Review of warranties, release and waiver of liens
    •   Owner occupancy and move coordination